Baby Talk and Play

The following Baby Talk and Play training courses are available for adults working with children in the early years:

Being In The Moment- developing meaningful conversations with children under 2 (Full day)
Course outline:

-Explore the vital role of the adult in supporting children to communicate from birth.

-Learn about specific interaction strategies to use with children to support their developing communication skills and emotional health.

-Watch and analyse the effect of the interaction strategies on video.

-Share ideas for multi sensory song and rhyme.

Through analysing video footage, practitioners will be supported to look at interaction in detail and focus on how what we say and do when playing and talking with young children and babies can make a huge and exciting difference to the quality of the child’s learning experience. Sharing key interaction strategies as well as inspiring ideas for songs, rhymes and games, participants will be given the opportunity to reflect and identify a key area for development in their own practice.

“Good that the trainer used and showed links to EYFS highly important. Debbie made brilliant links as always”
Early Years Practitioner Dec 2013


Interactive Songs, Rhymes and Chants – how this supports and inspires language development (Full day)
Course outline:

-Consider the role of the practitioner in maximising opportunities for children to hear and use songs, rhymes and chants.

-Think about how this plays a vital role in early language development.

This training explores using song and rhyme in three different ways. Bump into songs, song and rhyme chatter time and a modelled interactive song and rhyme time. The aims is that practitioners be inspired to try out the some of the simple ideas shared and have a renewed energy for and understanding of the importance of song/rhyme and chants in the early years.

‘It was really practical so I can see I will be applying this training immediately. It was much wider than just songs and rhymes’
Early Years Practitioner- Cardiff, Jan 2017


Positive Interaction- developing meaningful conversations with children under 5 (Full day)
Course outline:

-Increase knowledge and understanding of how communication develops from birth.

-Learn about the Let’s Talk Together Traffic Light System of Attuned Interaction.

-Show how key interaction strategies can be used effectively to develop emotional health and communication skills of all children.

Exploring the adult’s vital role in helping children to communicate, this course uses video to teach the Traffic Light System of Attuned Interaction. Practitioners will be supported to analyse how the adult’s effective use of these positive interaction strategies can make a huge and exciting difference. New ideas for songs, rhymes and games are also shared making this a fun, inspiring and impactful course.

“Course was fantastic! Well balanced, well paced and engaging. Lovely to meet passionate trainers with a fresh, clear delivery”
- Language and Play Practitioner – Wales, March 2014


Chatter Time- maximising opportunities for language development in a small group (half day)
Course outline:

-Develop a shared understanding of what is meant by Chatter Time.

-Look at collections of resources that can be used to develop Chatter Time.

-Watch and analyse video of Chatter Time in action

A half-day Chatter Time training session considers the vital role of the practitioner in encouraging and supporting communication development in a small group. Inspiring collections of resources, songs, rhymes and video footage will be explored. Practitioners will learn how to couple these resources with key positive interaction strategies to make the very most of conversations and learning in quality small group situations.


Storying-listening to and telling stories with children under 5 (half day)
Course outline:

-Share strategies to keep children actively engaged during group story time.

-Understand why sharing story’s is a fundamental part of language development.

-Share storying ideas to develop narrative.

A half-day Storying training session supports practitioners to think around the wider benefits of sharing stories with young children from birth and how this plays a crucial role in communication development. Practitioners will watch videos to identifying interaction strategies which to support children to listen to as well as tell their own stories.