Baby Talk and Play

Debbie is a highly skilled trainer with an enthusiastic and accessible approach.  She is a qualified and experienced teacher with a degree in drama. Currently working as an Early Language Consultant, Debbie collaborates with Children’s Centres and Early Years' teams, devising and facilitating bespoke early language development programmes for Parents, Childminders, Outreach teams and Early Years' Practitioners. She also delivers courses privately. Living in Isleworth with her husband and two young boys, Debbie is passionate about empowering parents and carers in their crucial role of communicating and bonding closely with their children.


2017- Debbie has been employed part time since 2012 as an Early Language Consultant to co run the Let’s Talk Together programme (based on the ECaT principles) for Hounslow Early Years and works in schools, nurseries, pre schools and with early years practitioner across the borough using the Baby Talk and Play approach to deliver training and support and develop the quality of adult-child interaction in practice. All the training on this programme has been co created by Debbie Brace and Bhavna Acharya (SLT)


2015- Debbie started studying a 3 year part time MA in Early Years and infant mental health at the world renowned Tavistock and Portman Clinic- London


2015- Debbie completed the VIGUK initial training programme


2012- Debbie completed The New Born Behavioral Observation (NBO) course Debbie is certified to work with newborns adopting the teachings of expert Dr T B


2011- Debbie is employed as an Early Language Practitioner for the Hounslow Early Years Team. She delivers setting- based Baby Talk and Play training programmes and one and two day courses on positive interaction.

“I felt the last session went really well, the girls seemed proud of what they have learnt. It even made us more experienced staff look at the ways we talk to children...Thank you for all your support- the girls have really learnt a lot. I will be talking highly of you to other managers." Kerry Smith, Manager -Once upon a time- Feltham


2010- Debbie works in collaboration with local Children's Centres and the National Childminding Association (NCMA) to deliver practical early language development training courses for childminders to attend with their minded children.

“This is the most worthwhile course I have done in the last couple of years. This course grabs you, it makes you interested, makes you want to learn and you can see the benefits for the children straight away.”  Isleworth Childminder,  March 2011


2009- Debbie devised and delivers Baby Talk and Play for parents, an early intervention language development programme for targeted families at Children’s Centres across Hounslow. 

“Baby Talk and Play makes you feel like you are doing a better job and it is now more rewarding as a parent...I am much more aware of how my baby is going to learn and grow and how I can influence that in a positive way.”   Nina and Sophie February 2011

2009 - Debbie was invited to join the Hounslow  Every Child a Talker project as an Early Language Lead Practitioner.  Her involvement in this project enabled and inspired her to develop early language development courses to inform and support other parents and early years professionals in the crucial role they had to play in helping to develop their children’s communication skills. 

2006- Following the birth of her own children, Debbie registered as a childminder and became passionate about the early years.  She began to deliver the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) to both her own children and children in her setting. She was awarded the Outstanding grade in her inspection by Ofsted in 2009.   

The children have fantastic opportunities to make connections in their learning. The childminder has a highly developed understanding of different ways in which children learn.” Ofsted report March 2009


2001- Debbie qualified as a primary school teacher. She quickly found her feet as a dynamic and committed teacher working in schools in Leeds and London and leading creative projects in art, drama, dance, West African music and speaking and listening.

“In an excellent dance lesson the enthusiasm of the teacher was infectious and there was a buzz of controlled excitement from the pupils as they enjoyed a high degree of success in their learning. The outstanding quality of the teaching included excellent levels of questioning and very high expectations of the quality of the pupils’ performance...." Ofsted report –Alexandra Junior School 2002