Baby Talk and Play


“Baby Talk and Play has been very helpful in building my relationship and understanding with my son Henry. Talking through ideas about development, listening and communication has helped us re-evaluate our playing and chatter together.”
Karen and Henry 2014

“Baby Talk and Play has given me the knowledge and confidence to interact with my baby at his level and the skills to develop his understanding. I feel that my relationship with him has been strengthend and he is more confident as a result of the techniques I've learnt”
Kirsty and Felix 2014

“If it wasn’t for Baby Talk and Play I don’t think I would have fully realised how incredible my little girl is and might have missed out on the many magical moments we have shared as a result.”
Helen and Grace 2013

An inspirational course! I really loved every second and know I am a better mum as a result.”
Camilla and Max 2013

“An inspiring and extremely reassuring course”
Jane and Felix 2013

“The sessions were filled with straightforward yet inspiring ideas to take home and really interesting and much appreciated theory and observations on how our little ones tick!”
Sarah and Roo 2012

"I now have a whole differant outlook on how to interact with my baby."
Parent, December 2011

" The course has enabled me to be more confident, present, focused and i think effective in my interactions with my child"
Parent December 2011

“I have noticed changes in the way my baby responds to me. He talks more, listens more is more confident and it has helped build a relationship between me and my baby.... He is more explorative and interacts better with other children and adults.”
Parent, January 2011


“I think the teaching of baby talk and play is excellent and as a result there have been many changes in the way I interact with my baby. I spend more 1:1 time with him, I use a treasure basket and allow more freedom for him to discover and explore, I wait for a response from him before I talk and I have the radio and TV on less....I have noticed a change in the way that my baby responds to me, he is babbling much more or perhaps I am listening much more....I now realise that I can support my baby's communication and that I am responsible for it”
Parent, November 2010


“The balance between practical and theory is excellent and fundamentally important theories were explained and demonstrated very clearly.... I have learned about the importance of interaction and that having fun with my baby and that using strategies like pausing and anticipating, waiting for eye contact, labelling and keeping my language simple are vital to my baby's development rather than thinking I am being lazy and avoiding the housework.  Dad is also now reading to our baby more.”
Parent, November 2010


"Thank you for your help and advice. The songs and the language we now use make a huge difference. Come back soon!"
Jess                             Early Years Practitioner


“Those fathers that have recently taken part in courses such as the ‘Baby Talk and Play Group’  .... ...speak very highly about the impact they have had on their baby’s development and their own well-being.”
Ofsted,  June 2010        North Isleworth Children’s Centre


..”Baby Talk and Play is an excellent way in which to help parents join in the child‘s learning journey through activities in their everyday lives.”
Jacky Underwood         Early Years Advisor


“As a Speech and Language Therapist I would recommend this programme to all parents of young children. One of the best programmes on the market, Debbie Brace engages both the parents and the babies' with her informal, fun and interactive style of delivery. Debbie is a professional with a passion for this area of development and she supports parents to have positive interactions with their babies by giving them relevant, practical and important information and shows them strategies they can use at home to develop their babies communication skills.” 
Bhavna Acharya            Early Language Consultant


“ As a teacher of the deaf I spend a lot of time helping parents understand how babies’ speech, language and communication develop and supporting their interaction with their babies. Babies are tested at birth so may well be fitted with hearing aids at 4-6 weeks. Technology is very good now so if they wear their hearing aids their language should follow the normal pattern of development (unless they are profoundly deaf). I now think that one of the best things I can do for my families is to let them know about Baby Talk and Play. I’m sure it will help parents accept their babies’ hearing loss if they can have fun carrying out ideas and activities with a group of hearing babies.”
Penny Allen                   Advisory Teacher for Hearing Impairment


"Debbie is delivering a thoroughly planned and professionally structured series of sessions that build together to provide the parents with a comprehensive method of supporting their babies' language and development.  It is a fun and totally interactive session for both parent and child." 
Lavinia Pashley             Early Years Teacher


“Thank you for your contribution at the Forum. Your sense of fun and wonderful enthusiasm were so very inspirational”
Jane Medici                  NCMA Hounslow Project Manager


Thank you for all your support, enthusiasm and commitment to North Isleworth Children’s Centre during the last 18 months. You are one in a million and I am proud to have you on my team. Looking forward to continued working with you and building North Isleworth CC as a role model for others.
Alison Collins                Manager, North Isleworth Children’s Centre